Dec 31, 2010


We ended up just laying flat on our butts. No church no fireworks but we did watch the fireworks live on our TV. We counted down the official countdown and it was such an tingly feeling. We watched the fireworks go, and wow the finale part where the fireworks bursted near the harbour bridge...that was beautiful, breath-taking and just phenomenal. I managed to stay up till about 2:05am replying back to happy new year texts and this year I received 57 Happy New Year messages!! Woot! I feel popular already!! Anyway that's not my point, my point is that yesterday while I was staying up, I spent my hours very productively cleaning out my mac, my room, wardrobe and jewellery cabinet. So now I feel fresh and new, a different feeling from yesterday. 

I really wonder...what 2011 will bring me. It's just an bunch of excitement, thrill, worries and tension all kind of pushing against each other. We had a big family breakfast and new years bows. It's an Korean tradition, where to bow to your elders and you receive loads of money for good luck that year. We called our relatives and received calls as well!

It was a dead busy morning but the action has minimized to just me on the computer, brothers on the wii and parents talking. Oh!! And when I logged onto my tumblr today, I saw extra 5 followers. It just be my new years gift from tumblr!! Thankyou everyone for following. 

God, help me to fight through 2011, and help me to make it a good year.


BYE 2010


I can't exactly say today was all that productive. I mean 11'o clock wake up calls, messy hair, messy room. I was sure that I'll be ready for 2011 by today...but it's just hard to start fresh again. I sound as if I'm leaving Earth to live on another planet or something but it's the bold truth. You see, I was planning this whole 'fresh start' thing five days ago. Something like new hairstyle, with a new room, just everything new. But I've still got the same old hairstyle and on top of that my room looks like it had a fight by itself. I better get cleaning. Oh and today, I reactivated my old, old facebook just for the fun of it. And found a heapful load of old photos. Starting from immature rude fingers, dorky hairstyles, weird fashion, endless amounts of lovos and of course the unnecessary tongues. 

@ Abbey's 15th

and of course, the slacking off in class.

There's the unnecessary tongue.....

I learnt so many things in 2010. There are things I regret doing, and things I regret not doing. But nonetheless, it's got me this far into my life. I can't promise anyone that I won't make any mistakes in 2011, but being the mature girl I am (hehe) I am willing to prevent myself from doing anything stupid and useless. This year, I taught myself to trust others more, and that they don't always mean harm. I also learnt that it's not all about receiving and sometimes it feels better to know that someone is happy because of you. I learnt that love at first sight, never does you good and laying your eyes on someone you shouldn't rips your heart into a million pieces. I saw friends come and go and found myself relying on others for my happiness. I should really fix that.

So anyway, today being the New Years Eve, I think our family is either going to watch the fireworks or we're headed to the church. I shouldn't say this, but I much prefer fireworks, but I think going to church would be more beneficial to me. So happy new years eve to anyone reading this, and I hope you have a good day!!

Signing out of 2010, Dahee Kim. 

Dec 26, 2010


It's boxing day today. Yes, the day where many teenage girls happen to lose their common sense over 70% sales. With more than half the clothing industry being on sales over 50%, many, too many girls and not to mention, boys are out and about shoving and pushing for better deals as I would like to put it. And yes, I fall into the 0.3% category of "I do not like shopping on boxing day. It's too crowded, and plus only the useless, cheap things are on sale. Not to mention all the feet and hands-on attacks, just...not my thing *Shivers*. But my cousin wanted to watch Harry Potter today. TODAY out of 365 days in the calendar year. He's a real pain the bum sometimes.

So after church we headed of to the Greater Union Cinema in Burwood and tried to buy tickets. The line wasn't only full, but people were screaming and swearing at each other and starting a fight with the girls working just was bizarre. I was expecting busy lines..considering the 7 movies that were released today but...this was beyond busy. It was like, hyenas preying on ducks or something. And I think you and I both know how that's going to sound like.

We eventually bought tickets, and realised we were 20 minutes well in to the movie. So we missed all the lovey-dovey beginning. GREEAAAAT!! And, on top of that, we had to sit in the first row. FIRST ROW. I mean I thought my neck was going to permanently stay at that 150 degree angle and eventually break off.  And what? I thought I was late on watching Harry Potter, like I thought everyone watched it by now. I walked in to the cinema, full of sweating people. There were little kids, the elderly, couples, brother and sisters, best friends and what not. Harry potter must actually be popular among all age groups. Literally. 
It was good, despite all those other people that said it was a shit movie, and they expected more from it, I found it pretty fun and interesting. You know why? Because I haven't read the book, like a real hippie!! Haha!! 
.......and that was my day.

The last 2 Days

We counted the presents my parents received from their friends and my mum is actually really burdened because now she has to prepare everyone that gave her a present a New Years Gift. I mean, the immense amount of wine bottles we received just added on to her burden list.

Christmas Eve was better than I thought I'd be. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both a success. Well at least I hope it was. On Christmas Eve we didn't sleep till 3am, just eating...and eating..and eating. Well...come to think of it, we ate late at night on Christmas Day too! Christmas Day we woke up quite early, and headed straight to church because our family was in charge of the carols. We decided to sing Noel, so my brother and I, put in one week of our time to practice. Him on the piano, and as for me, I had to play the violin. It was a success, no, I lied. We made so many mistakes here and there it was so embarrassing but it was okay I guess. That night we gobbled down a Christmas cake. Rather cute I reckon.
I thought the red nose would turn out to be bubble gum, but it happened to be white chocolate. And, that went down my brothers throat. Dammit!!
But it's okay! I ate the reindeer ears ✌ Woo like a real badass! My baby brother ate the eyes, and my cousin ate those greeting cookies.

So that was my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....not that interesting but better than my expectation.
Toodle Doo~

Dec 23, 2010


Yesterday, I was home all day. I'm sick. I don't even know how I caught the cold, I mean I never went out and none of my family members are ill in any way. I'm just such an peculiar person. So I laid in bed all day and night. I literally only got up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, water and toilet. I'm actually going to gain some weight this holidays but I guess that's a good thing. I'm 72 pages into my 'to kill a mocking bird' book. It's actually really interesting, maybe because I'm not understanding the book properly, which, I think is possible in every way.

And today, the furniture we ordered came!! We were expecting it after Christmas but either way I was really happy!! They're all really nice. Mum bought me a little cupboard thing, I honestly don't know how to explain it. And, a  beauty stand for, well, my useless girly things. When I was cleaning out my old draws I found so many interesting things.
Like this photo, I remember taking it in year 7. Yes, when my hair was ultra short. That's Amy on the left and Mary on the right. They both changed so much!!! And come to think of it, we've been friends for ages now! Year 7, 8, 9 and through to year 10 soon! YIKES!!
They're going to hate me for this....sorry Amwee and Maewee!!! HEHE. 
I also made a Me-Today yesterday. It's like twitter but korean. 
I like it!! It's cute and stuff :) Muahaha. And today I'm just planning to read and spend time on the internet (as always
Oh and did I tell you? My back..waist-ish area is killing me. Like I can't even walk!? 

Dec 22, 2010

Inspirational Blogs

Yerh so I've been on the computer for literally hours and hours. Just searching for blogs worth 'next page'ing at. I've remembered a couple of my old favourites but  I just spent 2 hours on Tavi Gevinson's blogspot- Style Rookie. My friend introduced me to her and her being fashion blogger, grabbed my attention in a click. But she has this unique style. The items she puts together...they're vintage yet not so much. I don't really know how to describe her style, it's just Tavi Gevinson style. Literally. But they're all strangely nice. Not something I'd dare myself to wear, definitely for that matter but yes it suits her.

And on top of all that, she's barely 14 and yet introducing herself into the real world. Her blog was advertised on the September issue? I'm not sure but there was also mentions of her in the Vogue issues as well...
She sells hand-made T-shirts, designed by her, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. 

They're $40.00, quite pricey for a plain shirt like such but I don't know I still want one. 
And I also think she looks amazing in this outfit. 

So yeah I've been on her blog all day. Also mine. But that's irrelevant for now. 

Tavi Gevinson - Style Rookie 

Dec 20, 2010


I woke up at like 10 today, and waking up early surely ain't my thing. Mum said something about going to buy books so I didn't even bother getting ready but when she found out I haven't yet prepared myself, the roaring of her scream gave me yeah I was pretty much ready in about 3 minutes. And on top of that, we went all the way to Top Ryde just to get some books. Talk about trek. When I arrived at Dymocks, I went straight over to the 'teenage section' because I happen to be a teenager haha! But when I was scanning the books, they were all vampire related. Vampire Diaries, Twilight, New moon, A discovery of Witches, Black wings, Biting the Bride and what not.

But whatever, this is the result of 40 minutes of searching within the bookstore.
Yerh...don't mind my face. I don't even know why I have such an excited emotion when I've got two classics to read. And plus, I haven't read in a long time. So...I don't even know whether or  not I can handle the boring bits n pieces in the book. 
But this is the response I received from some of my friends.... 
-pride and prejudice is alot harder to get into

to kill a mockingbird is pretty shit at first, but once you get to the core of it you'll be like, "HOLY SHIT."

-To Kill A mockingbird's alright. It's just kind of hard to understand at first. And plus it's pretty boring at the start. But it is really good. But old fashioned. :) (I read it for English Class) :(
-love Jane Austen, but I can see where you're coming from haha... just takes awhile for you to appreciate her literature. Force yourself to read both and you'll probably feel a hundred times more accomplished at the end. GO, DAHEE! I need someone else who can appreciate real literature... not the faggot teen fiction shit lol. kill a mocking bird it is. I'll be starting on it tonight :D Wish me luck!! 


The countdown for Christmas officially begins. With only 5 days to stagger along with the excitement bursting within my little soul, I haven't yet decided what to ask for, for Christmas I mean. Well there is always that one item I really desire and wish for. But I made up my mind about it, that I was going to get it with my own strength. Haha what the heck, 'own strength' sounds so weird'. Well anyway....
It's my Canon Eos 550D Digital SLR Camera. Yerh, I'd like to label it as 'my' because 'the' just sounds, you know too far off the goal.

So that's my baby:

Cut 2:

Um, so at the moment its $1349.00 on the Canon website yerh...just make it sound more impossible Canon....I hate chu!! Haha so recently I've been comparing prices. Yes, I know but seriously, how much can a 15 year old save up? Yerh thought so.'s what I've got.



Hmm, it seems JB HIFI has the cheapest deal. Right on!! You know, at first I was like Canon?! You're the cheapest? But then I read the description and it's like "RRP Body Only", and then I was depressed. Nah I wasn't...okay maybe a little bit but now I'm over it. 
So I'm planning to buy this glorious mouth tempting yet so stubborn not being within my possession range camera by January 2011!!