Dec 26, 2010


It's boxing day today. Yes, the day where many teenage girls happen to lose their common sense over 70% sales. With more than half the clothing industry being on sales over 50%, many, too many girls and not to mention, boys are out and about shoving and pushing for better deals as I would like to put it. And yes, I fall into the 0.3% category of "I do not like shopping on boxing day. It's too crowded, and plus only the useless, cheap things are on sale. Not to mention all the feet and hands-on attacks, just...not my thing *Shivers*. But my cousin wanted to watch Harry Potter today. TODAY out of 365 days in the calendar year. He's a real pain the bum sometimes.

So after church we headed of to the Greater Union Cinema in Burwood and tried to buy tickets. The line wasn't only full, but people were screaming and swearing at each other and starting a fight with the girls working just was bizarre. I was expecting busy lines..considering the 7 movies that were released today but...this was beyond busy. It was like, hyenas preying on ducks or something. And I think you and I both know how that's going to sound like.

We eventually bought tickets, and realised we were 20 minutes well in to the movie. So we missed all the lovey-dovey beginning. GREEAAAAT!! And, on top of that, we had to sit in the first row. FIRST ROW. I mean I thought my neck was going to permanently stay at that 150 degree angle and eventually break off.  And what? I thought I was late on watching Harry Potter, like I thought everyone watched it by now. I walked in to the cinema, full of sweating people. There were little kids, the elderly, couples, brother and sisters, best friends and what not. Harry potter must actually be popular among all age groups. Literally. 
It was good, despite all those other people that said it was a shit movie, and they expected more from it, I found it pretty fun and interesting. You know why? Because I haven't read the book, like a real hippie!! Haha!! 
.......and that was my day.

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