Dec 26, 2010

The last 2 Days

We counted the presents my parents received from their friends and my mum is actually really burdened because now she has to prepare everyone that gave her a present a New Years Gift. I mean, the immense amount of wine bottles we received just added on to her burden list.

Christmas Eve was better than I thought I'd be. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both a success. Well at least I hope it was. On Christmas Eve we didn't sleep till 3am, just eating...and eating..and eating. Well...come to think of it, we ate late at night on Christmas Day too! Christmas Day we woke up quite early, and headed straight to church because our family was in charge of the carols. We decided to sing Noel, so my brother and I, put in one week of our time to practice. Him on the piano, and as for me, I had to play the violin. It was a success, no, I lied. We made so many mistakes here and there it was so embarrassing but it was okay I guess. That night we gobbled down a Christmas cake. Rather cute I reckon.
I thought the red nose would turn out to be bubble gum, but it happened to be white chocolate. And, that went down my brothers throat. Dammit!!
But it's okay! I ate the reindeer ears ✌ Woo like a real badass! My baby brother ate the eyes, and my cousin ate those greeting cookies.

So that was my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....not that interesting but better than my expectation.
Toodle Doo~

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