Dec 23, 2010


Yesterday, I was home all day. I'm sick. I don't even know how I caught the cold, I mean I never went out and none of my family members are ill in any way. I'm just such an peculiar person. So I laid in bed all day and night. I literally only got up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, water and toilet. I'm actually going to gain some weight this holidays but I guess that's a good thing. I'm 72 pages into my 'to kill a mocking bird' book. It's actually really interesting, maybe because I'm not understanding the book properly, which, I think is possible in every way.

And today, the furniture we ordered came!! We were expecting it after Christmas but either way I was really happy!! They're all really nice. Mum bought me a little cupboard thing, I honestly don't know how to explain it. And, a  beauty stand for, well, my useless girly things. When I was cleaning out my old draws I found so many interesting things.
Like this photo, I remember taking it in year 7. Yes, when my hair was ultra short. That's Amy on the left and Mary on the right. They both changed so much!!! And come to think of it, we've been friends for ages now! Year 7, 8, 9 and through to year 10 soon! YIKES!!
They're going to hate me for this....sorry Amwee and Maewee!!! HEHE. 
I also made a Me-Today yesterday. It's like twitter but korean. 
I like it!! It's cute and stuff :) Muahaha. And today I'm just planning to read and spend time on the internet (as always
Oh and did I tell you? My back..waist-ish area is killing me. Like I can't even walk!? 

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