Jan 15, 2011

12th January 2011. The day I met SHINEE.

12th January 2011

There is no way in forgetting that day. After days and days of sadness overload I finally decide to recount the best day of my life here on blogspot. 

Okay..to be honest I wasn't even all that excited. I mean I was excited but girl, I didn't know what I was going to see. But to crush my expectations was Shinee dancing on the stage along with Korea's two other best singers.
Son Ho Young, Shin Seung Hun, Shinee.

This has to by far, the best thing that happened to my life in reference to having fun. And no sarcasm intended...although it doesn't even sound sarcastic. Ah what the hell, words can't even describe what I'm feeling right now. I still have that vibe in me...the vibe I felt when Shinee entered the stage with screeching screams and roars.  It never goes away!!

I arrived at City Town hall at around 11pm. I met my friends Angela, Janet and Sally there. Then later joined Anna.
Here we are waiting to exchange/buy tickets. 

Anna, Me, Sally.

We exchanged and bought tickets in about 3 hours. And this was the final result.
Me and my brothers ticket to the K-pop Australian 2011 Tour. We had the A0 seats.

We headed straight to the concert queue only to realise we had to wait there for at least 6 hours under the burning sun. But we really had no choice as the line started packing up with girls. So us 6 made up a plan. The plan was that 3 of us will go off to the city and buy lunch then bring them back to the other 3 waiting. It worked out fine. Anna, Angela and Janet were off to search for food while Sally, my brother and I were frowning there in the stinking heat.


Just Anna being Anna and me being shy.


With our blue balloons. Angela and Janet.


My SHINEE balloon with Taemin written behind it.

We waited and waited...just randomly glancing at other crazy fans and watched our balloons travel to the sky because we accidentally let go of them. And then around 2 hours before the concert, people from the streets had were filled with curiosity and blurted out "What the hecks Shinee and prounced it as Shin-e." And crazy fans like us shouted back "It's not Shin-e!! It's SHINEE--EEE!!!" Ahh good times.
And then at around an hour before the concert, so about 6:00 news reporters from SBS started filming a couple of us. Then suddenly the news reporter (and she was a lady) walked in front of us and told us to roar in a quiet manner so she can talk over us. So we did...and we had to film that about 5 times (I think) and she said we'll be on the national news all around the world soon. We were darn excited and here we are:

So woop I was on the news because of Shinee. I practically became a world star in better terms muhehe (Yeah not really I know)

We got into the concert hall at around 7:30, and this is how it looked like:

The concert started with the hosts...
Source: Anna Hwang

Then on to Son Ho Young
Then..on..to...SHINEE!! SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE I screamed so much I remember..and there was a couple next to me looking at me as if I was some orangutan starving for bananas. Ahhhh Shinee.

Shinee #1
Source: Anna Hwang

Shinee #2
Source: Anna Hwang

Shinee #3

Shinee #4 (Don't go T.T)
Source: Anna Hwang

Then after waving a sad goodbye to Shinee, came on stage, Shin Seung Hoon. 

Source: Anna Hwang

Then there was a finale stage where Shinee, Son Ho Young and Shin Seung Hoon all sang "You raise me up".

The concert finished at 10:30pm or something and straight after the concert finished, the five of us re gathered to do some stalking. We straight away ran to the car park, in which they will come out from and waited. The security guards kept telling us that Shinee already went, and they won't come out. But there is no way us Shawols will believe them. So we waited.
We saw a black car emerging us from the car park and later realised it was Son Ho Young, he gave us his a million dollar smile and waved. All of us screamed although it wasn't Shinee, because he, was darn hot as well!!
After SHW's car was off in to the distance, we waited for Shinee's car. And there it was!! A white van...
My friend Jennie took a godly shot at the van and came out with this....
Source: Jennie Lim
That photo is too good to be true..I see my husband (Taemin) behind Minho's godly smile. Minho's wearing his Adidas jumper that he wore to Dream Team...Ahhh Shinee..
We chased their cars screaming for them to stop but of course, our legs couldn't follow the speed of their van T.T But we didn't give up. Four other girls joined us in search for Shinee's hotel. We searched and searched and questioned people walking in the road at 11pm and in the end decided it was time to quit.

At 11:30pm in the middle of no where..it was somewhere near the M3 though
Source: Anna Hwang
I have to say...it was without a doubt the best day of my life. I will forever cherish this day, and I will try my best to keep every memory fresh and live. I miss them so much that words can't describe it...it feels as if they've shot a big hole into my heart and left it for time to heal. I love you Shinee. I hope to see you soon.

Jan 2, 2011


My mum was very disappointed with me, with my previous report...and to be honest, I didn't try my best. So here I am with four workbooks having no idea where in the world to start.
Left to right: School certificate Australian History & Geography, Year 10 School Certificate Science, School Certificate English Study Guide and Year 10 Advanced Mathematics.

So...am I screwed or what? Mum wasn't even thinking when she was picking out the books. She was just like, this, this, this oh and you need this to right?
No mum I don't need tha- and she didn't even let me finish.
Anyway, hopefully I'll be a lot smarter by the end of these long holidays and WOO guess what? I'm working now, I think from the 11th of Jan so now I've got studying plus all the work. This will keep me heaps busy for the next up coming month. 
So toodle doo I'm off to study...let's see how long this takes.