Jan 2, 2011


My mum was very disappointed with me, with my previous report...and to be honest, I didn't try my best. So here I am with four workbooks having no idea where in the world to start.
Left to right: School certificate Australian History & Geography, Year 10 School Certificate Science, School Certificate English Study Guide and Year 10 Advanced Mathematics.

So...am I screwed or what? Mum wasn't even thinking when she was picking out the books. She was just like, this, this, this oh and you need this to right?
No mum I don't need tha- and she didn't even let me finish.
Anyway, hopefully I'll be a lot smarter by the end of these long holidays and WOO guess what? I'm working now, I think from the 11th of Jan so now I've got studying plus all the work. This will keep me heaps busy for the next up coming month. 
So toodle doo I'm off to study...let's see how long this takes.

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