Dec 31, 2010


We ended up just laying flat on our butts. No church no fireworks but we did watch the fireworks live on our TV. We counted down the official countdown and it was such an tingly feeling. We watched the fireworks go, and wow the finale part where the fireworks bursted near the harbour bridge...that was beautiful, breath-taking and just phenomenal. I managed to stay up till about 2:05am replying back to happy new year texts and this year I received 57 Happy New Year messages!! Woot! I feel popular already!! Anyway that's not my point, my point is that yesterday while I was staying up, I spent my hours very productively cleaning out my mac, my room, wardrobe and jewellery cabinet. So now I feel fresh and new, a different feeling from yesterday. 

I really wonder...what 2011 will bring me. It's just an bunch of excitement, thrill, worries and tension all kind of pushing against each other. We had a big family breakfast and new years bows. It's an Korean tradition, where to bow to your elders and you receive loads of money for good luck that year. We called our relatives and received calls as well!

It was a dead busy morning but the action has minimized to just me on the computer, brothers on the wii and parents talking. Oh!! And when I logged onto my tumblr today, I saw extra 5 followers. It just be my new years gift from tumblr!! Thankyou everyone for following. 

God, help me to fight through 2011, and help me to make it a good year.


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