Dec 20, 2010


I woke up at like 10 today, and waking up early surely ain't my thing. Mum said something about going to buy books so I didn't even bother getting ready but when she found out I haven't yet prepared myself, the roaring of her scream gave me yeah I was pretty much ready in about 3 minutes. And on top of that, we went all the way to Top Ryde just to get some books. Talk about trek. When I arrived at Dymocks, I went straight over to the 'teenage section' because I happen to be a teenager haha! But when I was scanning the books, they were all vampire related. Vampire Diaries, Twilight, New moon, A discovery of Witches, Black wings, Biting the Bride and what not.

But whatever, this is the result of 40 minutes of searching within the bookstore.
Yerh...don't mind my face. I don't even know why I have such an excited emotion when I've got two classics to read. And plus, I haven't read in a long time. So...I don't even know whether or  not I can handle the boring bits n pieces in the book. 
But this is the response I received from some of my friends.... 
-pride and prejudice is alot harder to get into

to kill a mockingbird is pretty shit at first, but once you get to the core of it you'll be like, "HOLY SHIT."

-To Kill A mockingbird's alright. It's just kind of hard to understand at first. And plus it's pretty boring at the start. But it is really good. But old fashioned. :) (I read it for English Class) :(
-love Jane Austen, but I can see where you're coming from haha... just takes awhile for you to appreciate her literature. Force yourself to read both and you'll probably feel a hundred times more accomplished at the end. GO, DAHEE! I need someone else who can appreciate real literature... not the faggot teen fiction shit lol. kill a mocking bird it is. I'll be starting on it tonight :D Wish me luck!! 

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