Jan 26, 2012

Quay West -- Magenta Shore

When my parents told me that they've booked us a holiday to Magenta Shore up near the Quay West I was so happy. I was up and ready to release my bottled up childishness that was hiding deep down myself HAHA. Then Mum hit me with a "Oh btw, you're the oldest kid there"...Damn that (Meaning I had to be mature and SENSIBLE) We went to the place with three other families so that totalled to eleven kids (including myself) and eight adults and mind you I've never seen these people before so it was going to be pretty damn awkward. Surprisingly not though, the parents put all the kids to one house and at first sure yeah it was awkward as hell...I had to break the ice with a "So...how old are you guys?" And they were all so eager to answer which I found cute, so I had to play the leader role with the ten of them tailing me everywhere I go.. Overall it was super fun.

Here are some photos (not much) from the trip.

I personally really like this photo ^

We checked in at 12pm and went to find the Villas

After unpacking Hannah, Steph and I headed to the rain regardless of the pouring rain. With no umbrella. Thug LIFE
You can't see from the photos, but it was rainy and windy and just so...refreshing.

Then right after beach we gathered all the kids to head to the indoor pool at reception!

I think that's the end of this post! There were photos of BBQ and when we were all huddled up in a room but I don't think the kids would like me putting up photos of them so I'll stop here! Thanks for reading!

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