Jan 21, 2012

DIY mini-studded collar!

Procrastinating whilst making Chemistry notes on Earth Metals lead me to Clothesencounters' Studded Collar DIY video! And of course, I would do anything to avoid studying. So there I was feeling inspired and Artsy when it came to my mind that I had a pair of studded sandals that were wrecked and ready to be thrown away. So I quickly went and grabbed those.

Look how badly wrecked they are! Poor shoe :'( They're even missing some studs!

Then next I cut up the shoe so that I was only left with the studded strips!

Then if you peel off the leather surface at the backside of the strip then this is shown. You then undo each claw(?)

After I've pulled out all the studs

And surprisingly there were a lot of studs within the shoe!!

And these are the left overs of the shoes

Then I figured I'll just stud the collar of my denim blouse!



Finished! I decided to only stud the tip (diamond shaped)

+ My new turquoise phone case hehe (I like these type of photos..blurry reminds me of a busy NY scenary)

What I'm supposed to be doing....

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know I did!

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  1. Wow dahee... I never knew you were good at this kinda stuff!!!! I thought you copied and pasted the DIY post from another blog but wthell.. so PROFRSSIONAL. Andd ur smart too..