Jan 7, 2012

$86,000 < 86,000 seconds

I found this quote really inspiring.

"Imagine, at the start of each morning you were given $86,400. You have to spend this money. You can't invest your money and you can’t save it for a rainy day. The money that you don't use you lose! How would you spend that money? Each day this happens to us, but with something much more valuable than money, OUR TIME.

Each and every day we are allocated with 86,400 seconds. However, for some of us we don’t think the importance of these seconds, but rather take them for granted, and as such squander them on less important pursuits.
However, these seconds are much more important than money. While you can save money and make more of it, you can’t do that with time. Time is non-renewable, once it is gone it is gone forever."

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