Mar 9, 2011


- Ashley is two minutes older than Mary Kate
- Whether or not the twins could be identical has been challenged.
- Both MK and Ashley had to wear fake teeth during the later seasons of Full house because their teeth began to look different.
- Mary Kate is one inch shorter than Ashley.
- The twins, along with their companies, are rumored to be worth about 150 million - each.
- The Olsen twins became two of the youngest producers in history - at age six.
- The twins received a star (a single star bearing both of their names) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004 - becoming the youngest celebrities to receive a star.
- Mary Kate and Ashley both ditched their senior proms so that they could host Saturday Night Live.
- MK has Anorexia and the Olsen sisters had their "Got Milk" commercials cancelled as a result of her illness.
- Ashley is right handed while Mary Kate writes with her left hand.

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