Mar 15, 2011


I'm slowly starting to sick of all this. by day. I've grown to the habit of pretending like nothing ever bothers me. Haha this is so pointless just like my life. Like I seriously can't be bothered for anything these days. I just want to put everything down for a couple of days and just sleep. Away from friends, school, studying and fights just away from everything.
These days nothing ever stays where you left it. Once you say something about someone it just travels everywhere, no one wants to keep to themselves. I mean it's fine up until it effects me. I mean I'm friend to you all but I honestly do not have the generosity to take in everything you say and care about you unlike someone. Unlike someone I don't want to always take caution with everything I say, I want to able to say what I want to say without being hated or in your words 'negatively being commented' on. Okay? Enough is enough. I do care for you and love you despite our past happenings but sometimes I might be having a hard time too. Not just you.
I'm obviously always the one being commented on like where do I belong now? No fucking where. But I like it that way. Too many of my friends bundle up to other people titling themselves as their 'best friends'. Best friends are best friends even if it means we don't get to talk on the phone or go out on a nice lunch. People calling each other 'best friends' and yet still talk behind their back? I hate that, what is that? She's your best friend, you said it yourself now take responsibility of what you said.
You know what? I don't want to tell anyone anything, I don't want to hear things from anyone I just want to be able to trust someone. I can't even say something without doubting that they'll tell someone, or bitch behind my back. Things are so fucked up these days I just want to get home schooled. I'm sick of smart arses that think that all they're doing are 'good deeds' and that they're 'good people' for saying stuff like that but PLEASE get over yourself.

Now that I've let some things out of my heart I feel better. But god knows who's going to read this then blabber it on to the world "Dahee's a bitch" LOL Go ahead. I honestly don't care anymore!!!


  1. Just Kill Yourself. Seriously.

  2. hahahahahahahahahhahhaaha ngawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Oi Anonymous. How about YOU go kill yourself ? Seriously, man. You don't even know her so what gives you the right to judge her and tell her to kill herself ? So go walk along your yellow brick road and leave. her. alone. Got that ?

  4. Oi Anonymous! Aren't you an Anonymous as well?
    Dahee deserves to die, no one likes her winging in the first place. I mean shove your head up your ass and shut up. Or get a fucking diary.
    Go kill yourself. Really.

  5. winging? So I can fly now? YIPEEEE...think you meant whining dumbass
    and shove your head up your ass how does that work...human centipede all over again? This is my diary so if you have a problem don't read it seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. It was your decision and yours only to visit my fucking blogspot and read it. Like seriously what the fuck is the matter with you are you socially deranged or like retarded? fucking hell

  6. No, actually, aren't you the socially fucked up? Like seriously... what the fuck, whining? no whinging actually dumb fuck. Yea, an online diary for you is quite efficient, your dumb as fuck, may as well us your time WHINGING the fuck out of your brains. Life is hard, so deal with it or just fucking kill yourself already.
    You're annoying the fuck out of everyone.
    Mother fucking idiot. Go ahead, defend yourself, it isn't going to stop what people think of you. Idiot. Life isn't so and so like you think.

  7. But people think I'm nice and kewl dude and you don't make sense half the time you talk.....and you got wrong again!! Its you're goshness and dude what will happen if I kill myself and you find out it was your fault? You shouldn't say that to people, no one even if they annoy you etc. It's just not something you can say to something, if I kill myself what will you do with the guilt. Knowing that you killed someone...isn't pretty

  8. But we all know you're not going to kill yourself. Go ahead, say 'you don't know me blahblah', but your life isn't all that crap. So, before you go around telling people how bad they'd feel after you killed yourself, you just ruined it by saying that.

  9. If you know then why are you telling me to kill myself? And of course you don't know me, cos if you did you probably can't talk to me properly because of the guilt yeah? Go around telling people? I told you bro specifically you. Stop being a fucking smartarse with all your anonymous actions I ruined nothing bitch. You're just ruining your life just because you think your life is shit, you just find another way to comfort yourself by coming up to people like me to and telling me to kill myself LOL bro what a life you have. And I never said I wanted to die LOL AWKWARD OR WHAT I just complained about things around me just like you mate so back off

  10. okay omfg. you fucking anonymous need some help. i bet shes a friend of yours dahee. wtf, dont hang around with people like these. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, SHE CAN SAY ANYTHING SHE FUCKING WANTS its not your life shes fucking living for. she may say shits which bother you but for you to actually check her blogspot and actually bothered to comment?? fuccck i can totally see through you. you need some comfort man. you need some help too. why go on life like this in such a horrible fucking way? trying to let others down behind a mask you gutless shit. what you said did really fucking upset her. you kinds of people need to go to hell. im not standing up for her but im saying this cos you need some fucking help. im being serious. and you can come and bash on me to but that just means you're a fucking pussy who doesnt wanna admit it. just fuck off and live your own life.

  11. Ha, my life shit? Actually by reading all your dumb posts whinging and bitching about your friends, mine is quite better than yours. I have friends that I love, not say stuff 'secretly' about them. Your the one that talks about them bitching about you? Hypocrite? Yes, I'm comforting myself by allowing myself to say 'Hmm Dahee should die today' What do you think I am, in love with you to even think that? All you do is complain that most of the people around you want you to die. I'm not guilty, I'm just stating the truth before you try to fuck yourself by trying to create an excuse with which you try to make people take your side, when reality is, everyone is sick of you.

  12. Oh my fucking God anonymous. Yes I'm on anonymous because I don't have a fucking blogspot account and I don't know her. I came to comment because I happen to love her blog and I don't think she should kill herself. She's not the one with her head stuck up her arse, it's YOU. And this happens to be her FUCKING DIARY. So, who gives a shit is it's online. There's no law saying that a diary can't be online. If you don't like her so much why the fuck are you here then ? OH ! I know ! Maybe you're one of her friends and you monitor her blogspot to see if she's said anything about you. Well, suck it up Princess. Not everything is about you and so Dahee doesn't have to waste her time talking shit about you, which you probably do to her. And NO, she does not deserve to die. OF COURSE, she's gonna defend herself, it's not like you would just sit behind that screen and take in all the shit you're saying about her. And oh, but what if she does kill herself ? What will you do then ? And what do you know about her life ? Are you part of her family ? NO.
    So before you start saying shit to other people, remember, not everyone follows your perspective.

  13. So dear anonymous please find a better way to comfort yourself and not through raging at someone. It'll do you no harm I guarantee you! You keep saying "People" are annoyed, sick of you. No one ever told me that they were sick of me. They said I was small and stuff but nothing like what you said so I guess its only you!! Hehehehehee thank you and have a nice life and don't come again1!

  14. fml im such a noob at this.... fml
    anyways 2nd time wiritng this cos it dissapeared before....buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut this time im just writing it to you dahee!
    idk whaiiiiiiiii she just doesnt go eat and meditate and if she has anger managment with ur blog, CLOSE IT AND DONT READ IT SO YOU DONT DIE OF 고혈압! if you are still on her blog heheeeeeee. please stop chucking a spaz. by. ur.self....
    plus a few weeks ago i fully had a 3 hour lecture on cyber bullying SO JUST WATCH OUT ANONYMOUS WATCH OUT.
    hope i get to know you more
    i pray for you<3

    I CARE OKAY ?! if she wants to rant about her life LET HER.
    Its none of your damn business. You guys even know her ? Yeah, didn't think so.
    So just shut up and move on with your lives.
    And I don't think she should kill herself. I love her just the way she is.
    Also, who give a shit if she whinges, we all do it aswell.
    So ! INCONCLUSION, keep your thoughts to yourself and COME AT ME YOU KEYBOARD WARRIOR !
    That's all (: