Feb 14, 2011

Ultimate Favourites

Okay I might as well as go and educate you with my absolute favourite models.

1. Barbara Palvin...
Like what the hell....I thought no one was perfect. She is after all, the epitome of perfect.

And I can't get over this photo...it's so SO BREATH TAKING

2. Frida Gustavsson...

Yeah she's Swedish...and she's only 18? Like ugh why can't I do anything productive in my life.

3. Karlie Kloss hehe

and her accent...

AND....THE MALES OMG......i'm going to be droolin on my laptop...

As of now, it's only Francisco Lachowski and Cole Bohr...but God knows who else I'll find to stalk..

1. Francisco Lachowski


Click on the first and second photo, they're supposed to be gifs but OMG it's so cute he's so cute omg why am I like this...

2. Cole Bohr - and believe it or not...many guys want him gay HAH!

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