Feb 13, 2011

Gloomy Sunday Evening

I don't particularly hate rain, in fact I love it. But when I've got a swimming carnival the next day, this has to be keeping me on my toes. I was so excited for it, it's my last swimming carnival as a juniour student and  this rain better not wreck it for me!! Anyway when I got home from church, I had nothing to do other than tumblr and facebook. Of course I have hours of homework just stacked up and waiting for me but there is NO way in me sitting down to do them. NEVER EVER!! So I got onto tumblr and saw a increase in followers! (whipeeeeeee~)

Anyway yeah I went to have a lie down after hours of internet browsing, in my brothers room because it happened to be the closest to where I was and this was what I was greeted with.

It seems as if my baby brother was building some sort of castle. Does he want to get to Narnia or something... And I'm not even allowed to take it down... He was like (Baby brother) "You take that down! I kick you!!" And god believe me, his kicks hurt. So I didn't even go near it other than taking a photo of it to preserve the silly memory. Then I got motivated into taking photos with my brother's new phone...and the quality is so good what the heck. It can't even compare to my crappy old F480i...
So I present you my bookshelf!! My mum has this thing with cute things, so she decided we buy a 'bubble framed kiddy bookshelf" and who am I kidding I'm 16 for goodness sake!!

And she has this thing with lego's as well...funny eh.

And off I go into my room....which happens to be in a horrible mess...

I cannot possibly show you my whole room...since it's in a bit of a pigsty but a proportion of it may be harmless to the human eye. But as you can see...this is in quite a mess as well...I remember telling myself that I'll keep my lovely table clean..Yeah well so much for that idea!!

The only thing I like about my room is this:

Despite my mum's hate to this, I keep printing out nice pictures from my tumblr onto my wall.. But my mum's hate towards this is ridiculous, she tells me off EVERY TIME she's in my room. She's like "It's messy and you're wasting ink on pointless things! Why do you even do this!!" EH mums these days...

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