Jul 3, 2012

Queensland Photo Diary

The following is a Photo diary on my holiday to Queensland...which happened in May (puhaha)

The planning happened so fast, we booked tickets and hotels in the matter of two hours. Uh huh, our family is so spontaneous.

At Sydney Airport



Movie World Entrance
With Daddy - I wasn't ready
Batman Ride

Scooby-Doo Ride

Mum & Dad

Harry Potter Shop

Escape - I thought my life was going to end on this ride

Hehe family shot

Trusty Bros
Wet N' Wild Entrance - Hosea took this!
Mum and Dad <3
Was too chicken to go on this ride
Wet N Water World - Another awkward shot
Hotel Night View
Sea World Entrance
Who can take a photo UP the roller coaster? - I can
At 1:02AM

Sea world Sunset
Before heading out to dinner

 I remember being so shy and embarrassed to take photos at the time, but looking back, all these remain as great memories...

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  1. YOURE so pretty and cutee!!!