Mar 3, 2011


 My obsession over Daul Kim hasn't ended yet. My mum was like "She looks dead." I'm like..she is mum...she committed suicide!! Awkies because I was like half screaming and mum's like...oh but she's reunite back the happy situation we had before which obviously didn't work out because I walked away from her.  
But anyway, today was just school. Nothing interesting ever happens at school these days. Except today, there were doing fundraisers for people going overseas for World Youth Day. Starting from $1 Chocolates to Spider oreo drinks, there's so much to buy at recess and lunch!!
 I bought two Oreo Smoothies for my friend and I, and to be honest felt horribly sick after it.

Oh btw, I had Norgen Vaaz the other day at Bankstown...and jolly was I in love with it!! And Hokey Pokey is my all time favourite flavour no matter which icecream shop I decide to raid.

My friend Anna gave me a floral dress...and I think I love it. Too much.

And also my textiles inspiration page on our costume designs.

As you can see, my eyes are dying, rather deteriorating from lack of sleep. I procrastinate all day, and never get anything done on time. I really have to do something about that otherwise I'll be dragging my feet on my way to school with bulging red eyes. So stressing....

I can never get enough of the crystal rings.

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