Feb 5, 2011

2011 Zara Wishlist

It's been ages since my last post so I'll be bombarding you with photos and words with this post.
School started and boy, I don't even want to talk about it. The pressure of being the last year in Junior High School plus the School Certificate exam...but regardless, I'm handling fine.
And the heat!! It's never been hotter, I mean 45 degrees? That's hot enough to burn a house down! (Well...maybe not but in my life, it definitely can). So yeah, that's basically it. It doesn't get interesting than that. But what's interesting is my Zara wishlist. So here I go.

I've never been into Zara, but tumblr got me into it. And besides, I think it suits me the best anyway. I've never been the typical ruthless ripped jeans, belly top type of girl. I think Zara suits me rather well!
First above all....I need bags. Bags Bags Bags, like what the hell when was the last time I bought a bag.


The price is appalling but I can't set my eyes off of it.
It's $79.00 UD, so about $80.00AUD roughly.


This is about 50AUD so it's a little more affordable than the previous bag yet equally as cute! 

Just saying...why don't I own one of these? Who ever invented beads on shoes, you are the ultimate genius. 

Some more shoe fan girl-ing, I've always been a flower type of girl...elegant yet so viciously eye grasping. Darn it. I need you....you attractive floral oxford. 

Christmas Sweaters!!! Ahh!! I've never owned this, and considering the lowest temperature ever hit in Winter, Australia was barely below 0, I don't need these to keep me warm. But they're so cute and fluffy. I guess this winter I'll be in one of these, and maybe even sweating in one of them.

Okay....trousers aren't in right now...but this suede coloured freaks are calling my name.
Someone buy me these...I have far too many tops that these will go well with!! 

And, this pearl knit woven cardigan. It's simple but I want one...it looks warm and comforting almost as if someone would run for me for a hug when I'm wearing them.

That's about it, but I'll be re packing you with other brand wishlists soon enough!! 


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